Hinckley’s creative art students have work showcased in Atkins Building for competition – and you can vote for your favourite pieces

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 25 January 2022

AN EXHIBITION has been launched at the Atkins Building by creative art students from NWSLC’s Hinckley campus in a bid to help them practice their competition skills.

Pictured: The exhibition which lasts until Friday (Image: Birdbox PR)

The theme of the exhibition is ‘Respect for the Environment’ – and it has been based inside of the mixed-use gallery for public viewing since Monday, 24 January.

But, as of tomorrow, there will only two days left to go and catch a last glimpse, as it finishes on Friday, 28 January, where the pieces will then be taken down for good.

Visitors who come to pay a visit will be able to vote for their favourite pieces of artwork – and the winning students will be rewarded with prizes.

James Stanley, Learning and Skills Manager for Creative Arts at NWSLC, said: “The exhibition is a showcase for the students in our weekly Competition Club which encourages students to pitch their skills against their peers.”

He continued: “Here at the college, the culture of competitions is part of our DNA.

“Last year, students and alumni from NWSLC picked up a total 16 medals, five Gold, three Silver and eight Bronze at the national WorldSkills UK finals putting the college at the top of the medal table in England, and fourth in the UK.

“These included Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in the visual merchandising category and Bronze medals for our digital media production team.”

The exhibition includes photography, paintings, ceramics, and an ‘unmissable’ installation which includes a real fireplace.

College students who are studying art and design, media, TV, film, and higher education programmes, have all submitted their work to the exhibition.

Carrie-Anne Abdulai, Director for Higher Education at NWSLC, said: “I am delighted to see so many contributions to this exhibition and would urge local people to go along and see what’s on show from our talented students.

“The Respect agenda runs through our entire curriculum this year and covers every aspect of learning including helping students to learn respect for themselves, their environment and their future.

“Competitions are an important part of our ethos because they provide real-time challenges and help students to take a professional approach and cope with the pressures of work.”

Prospective students who are interested in the creative arts can find out more on the college website, linked here, or pay a visit to the next open event at the Hinckley college campus on Monday, 7 February, at 5pm to 8pm.

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