Bosworth MP calls for the A5 to be discussed in Parliamentary debate in the House of Commons

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 January 2022

BOSWORTH’S Member of Parliament has called for the A5 to be discussed in a Parliamentary debate.

The Bosworth MP (Image: Dr. Luke Evans)

Dr. Luke Evans has called for the debate in hopes to secure local improvements for the major highway.

Since being elected in December 2019, succeeding David Tredinnick as the borough’s Tory MP, Dr. Evans has campaigned for improvements on the Hinckley section of the highway.

These include securing £20 million for design improvements, regularly meeting with the Minister for Roads, and regularly attending briefings from National Highways regarding the A5.

Speaking in Parliament at the start of the month (Thursday, 6 January), Dr. Evans pressed the Leader of the House, Jacob Reese-Mogg, to see if a Parliamentary discussion could be held about the major road.

He asked Rees-Mogg: “May we have a debate on the importance of the A5 to the UK? The road runs from London to Wales and is so important, in particular in joining the East and West Midlands.

“It is blighted by narrowings and, most importantly, one of the most bashed bridges in Britain, right by Hinckley where I am.”

He continued: “A decision point on RIS3 — the third road investment strategy — is coming in March. Will it be possible to have a debate before then to say how important this House feels the A5 is?”

Responding to the Bosworth MP, Rees-Mogg stated that Evans was ‘right to call for a debate’, and that the major road has ‘been important to our history for generation upon generation’, as it is an old Roman road, ultimately agreeing it should be discussed.

It would be discussed in an adjournment debate inside of the House of Commons.

Evans has further claimed that he will continue “fighting to push” for improvements to the A5.

He said: “As Highways England continues technical work and other preparations on the new RIS3 scheme, I will keep fighting to push for improvements to a road that is so important, and yet so frustrating, for our community, by continuing to raise it in Parliament.”

Since his election, he has remained in contact with the Department for Transport (DfT) and National Highways, to ensure that the £20 million pounds of funding for the major road is not ‘squandered’.

He has stressed that he will remain in talks with these authorities until the RIS3 improvement project, which will benefit Hinckley’s section of the A5, is ultimately signed off.

RIS3 will explain the Government’s aims and proposals for investment in the strategic road network from 2025 to 2030, including the A5 – and the next update to come of these plans will be in March.

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