Optical People owner promises deals galore for Hinckley store opening next weekend

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 19 January 2022

THE OWNER of Hinckley’s newest opticians has exclusively spoken to the Free Press a week before they open the doors to the store, based on Castle Street.

It is still under construction (Image: Mason Moore)

Ravi Saigal, who owns Optical People, has said that the independent brand’s newest Hinckley location will have ‘the most elite’ Optometrists in town – and customers will be able to watch their glasses be made in-store, in half an hour or under, inside their state-of-the-art lab.

He said: “We’re doing something quite profound in Castle Street.

“Customers will be able to watch their glasses be made instore in thirty minutes or less.

“We also offer bespoke repairs on glasses which can now be worked on instantaneously; eliminating the need to send the frame to an external company.

“We’ve also invested in the latest eye testing technology, like the Zeiss OCT, which optically scans the thickness of the retina, revealing the underlying tissues, thereby allowing our expert Optometrists to detect eye conditions up to 5 years before they manifest symptoms.”

Mr. Saigal has further promised a plethora of glasses offers for those wanting to get their hands on some affordable glasses on their open day, Saturday 29th January.

He said: “Free eye tests will be offered to everyone on our opening day, which will be valid up until the 1st March 2022.

“Customers can either book in person, call the store, or book online at opticalpeople.co.uk.

“There will also be ‘booster’ offers, like free varifocals, on top of the current offering to those who are usually exempt from paying for their eye test.

“Of course, our popular 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 will still be running until 1st March 2022.”

The store will stock a large range of branded glasses – budget, ranging from £20, to well-known brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban, as well as high-end designers like Prada.

In addition, they will sell a multitude of independent European eyewear brands that have been recently introduced, in a bid to add major differentiation to the frames usually displayed on the high street.

“We’ve also extended our kids NHS range to include fashionable designers, like Polo Ralph Lauren“, Saigal further added.

The branch will further offer a large range of non-prescription sunglasses for those who don’t require a prescription for their glasses – these will range from £10 to £80 designers, like Ted Baker.

The Free Press did question if plans for flats above the unit had been approved, but these are still awaiting decision.

Mr. Saigal stated that he was unable to comment at this time on the newly-created smaller second unit which has been made next door.

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