Market Bosworth police officers seize silver untaxed Volkswagen vehicle with a tyre hanging on by a single bolt

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 17 January 2022

MARKET BOSWORTH police officers have seized an untaxed vehicle off the roads today – which had a tyre hanging on by a single bolt, and a defective tyre at the rear.

Inset (Image: Market Bosworth Police) / Car being seized (Image: Market Bosworth Police)

The silver Volkswagen car was taken away on the back of a recovery vehicle this afternoon.

An image gallery was uploaded to the local police force’s official Facebook page at 2pm showing the untaxed car being seized, as well as the state of the tyres.

The tyre – hanging on by just one single bolt (Image: Market Bosworth Police)
The defective rear tyre (Image: Market Bosworth Police)

Another picture – a close-up shot – shows that a notice was slapped on the car by officers, simply reading: “This is an untaxed vehicle. An offence report has been passed to the DVLA for enforcement action.”

The “this is an untaxed vehicle” notice (Image: Market Bosworth Police)

A spokesperson for Market Bosworth Police seemingly poked fun at the state of this vehicle, whilst further issuing a warning to others who are driving around in uninsured or untaxed cars, stressing that their vehicles “will be coming with police”.

It reads: “Please be aware that if your vehicle has no tax, no insurance, no MOT, a defective rear tyre, and a wheel held on by just a single bolt, it’s coming with us.”

Commenters react

One commenter said: “Unbelievable. The driver should never be allowed back on the road never mind the vehicle.”

Others were astonished at the state of the tyres.

“Not sure how that wheel didn’t fall off!”, said one shocked commenter.

Another added: “Holy batsmoke! How was it still moving? Good job.”

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