Vandals cover recently re-painted Hinckley alleyway with graffiti ‘tags’ once again

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 30 December 2021

A RECENTLY RE-PAINTED alleyway in Hinckley has been struck yet again by vandals with even more graffiti tags.

Spray can (Image: Unsplash)

The Bell Entry alleyway, which leads into Church Walk, had recently been given a fresh lick of paint to cover over graffiti tags left on the walls – but in recent weeks, it has been tagged once again by vandals.

The alleyway was covered over in white paint in late November.

But, according to the Borough Council, the new tags were sprayed two nights ago (Tuesday, 28 December) – the same night that four youths had vandalised a Castle play area inside of the Argents Mead park.

The walls sport one of the same tags as one which was initially sprayed inside of the Mead play area by the youths, reading “Hour!”, seemingly confirming that the same group of people carried out the vandalism.

Some of the tags illegally scribbled on in spray paint (Image: Mason Moore)
Part of the graffiti on the newly-painted wall (Image: Mason Moore)
The ‘Hour’ tag can be spotted in red writing (Image: Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council)

Leicestershire Police have stressed to the Free Press that the incident had not yet been reported as a crime by a member of the public or Council officer at the time of publication (30 December).

“Wanton vandalism brings down the look of the town”

Coun. Michael Mullaney (Lib Dem, Hinckley De Montfort), the Borough Council’s Executive Member for Housing and Community Safety , branded the graffiti as a “really sad act of destructive vandalism”.

Michael Mullaney (Image: Michael Mullaney)

He said: “This is a really sad act of destructive vandalism.

“Such wanton vandalism brings down the look of our town.

“Thankfully, this is the actions usually of only a few anti social people.

“As we saw recently with the successful prosecution of a local man who had carried out 540 graffiti tags across our area, one person so motivated can wreak a huge amount of damage.

“Hopefully, whoever has done this will be caught shortly and prosecuted for this pointless vandalism.”

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