Castle play equipment in Argents Mead park vandalised late Tuesday night by four youths

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 29 December 2021

FOUR YOUTHS vandalised a piece of play equipment inside of Hinckley’s Argents Mead park last night, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) have revealed.

High Street Helpers wiping away the graffiti (Image: Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council)

Just before 11pm last night (28 December), a group of youths had decided to deface and ‘tag’ a play castle inside of the Argents Mead park playground with spray paint.

They were caught on various CCTV cameras today (Wednesday, 29 December), by the Borough Council, who checked their security surveillance cameras and had discovered the youths in the act late last night.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council and those who help maintain Argents Mead park have stated that they are passing on the imagery over to Hinckley Police officers.

The graffiti was removed today by the Borough Council’s team of High Street Helpers.

The news of the graffiti was first posted to social media sharing site, Facebook, by a Council spokesperson.

It read: “Unfortunately your Castle Play area in Argents Mead has been vandalised over the Christmas period with graffiti.

“Fortunately, the Mead and town centre CCTV team have been working throughout and are reviewing all of the footage which will be passed onto Hinckley Police.

“Thanks to our High Street Helpers who are in town today removing this.”

One resident responded to the Facebook post, stating that one of the tags which was sprayed, reading “Hour”, has also been sprayed on the side of a Middlefield Lane property, however, it is unknown how long that tag has been up on the wall for.

Furious residents took to Facebook to express their dismay at the defaced play equipment.

One commenter stated that the vandals should be made to do some clearing up across the borough of Hinckley and Bosworth.

Another stressed that they believe the culprits should be named and shamed as a result of their actions.

They said: “What is wrong with the youth of today. [They] have to spoilt it for someone else. Put their faces up for everyone to see and make them clean it!”

Another commenter even proposed the idea of having a dedicated legal graffiti wall, where they would be able to “express themselves like Banksy.”

The Bell Entry alleyway, located at the side of Castle Street, recently received a fresh coat of paint, following numerous graffiti tags being sprayed on the walls, but according to one commenter, vandals have sprayed over it once again.

A spokesperson for the Borough Council stressed that their CCTV Team are in the process of reviewing the CCTV cameras in this area, as a result.

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