Emmaus closing Hinckley town centre location in mid-January to re-locate next to their bigger ‘Emporium’ branch

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 28 December 2021

A CHARITY SHOP in Hinckley town centre is to close down for good in mid-January.

Castle Street (Image: Mason Moore) / Inset (Image: Emmaus Leicestershire & Rutland)

A notice has been placed up on the main doors of Emmaus’ Leicestershire and Rutland’s “La Boutique” charity shop branch, based on Castle Street, informing customers that the location will permanently shut in the middle of January.

Emmaus have confirmed that the location is to close on 17 January 2022.

It will close as it will re-locate in town over into the charity’s newly-purchased buildings next door to their much bigger ‘Emporium’ branch, based on Stockwell Head.

The new location is approximately a one-minute walk away.

A grand opening for the new clothes store will be officially held on 24 January.

Emmaus purchased the new buildings which will play home to the new charity clothing store back in June earlier this year – something the charity had not done before as they had only previously rented their Hinckley shops and accommodation.

It was only in recent months that they have knocked through part of the main part of the Emporium to make space for the new clothing department, and double the size of the main shop floor.

The Emporium is the largest charity shop in Hinckley – it specialises in second-hand furniture and household goods and even sports its own in-house cafe, for customers looking to stop by for a drink whilst browsing for bargains inside.

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