Festive reindeers talk of town in Nuneaton – after being visited and fed by families and youngsters

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 21 December 2021

CHRISTMAS REINDEER have been spotted in Nuneaton town centre and were the talk of the town today.

The reindeer on Newdegate Street (Image: Mason Moore)

Today (21 December), many paid a visit to Newdegate Steet, in Nuneaton town centre, where they met and helped to feed two Christmas reindeer – Dancer and Vixen.

Town-goers and visitors were informed of their presence in town by posts shared on local community forums on social media sharing site, Facebook.

The Free Press had learnt that the reindeer came on over to Nuneaton all the way from Oakleys Farm in Stoke-on-Trent, in an appearance arranged by Saints Nuneaton.

The reindeer were outside of part of the former Debenhams building.

Abby, a Oakleys Farm employee, who was on hand to help with reindeer, explained how the visit was arranged.

She stated that Saints Nuneaton had arranged it – and that the reindeer were even locally famous, after appearing in this year’s Tesco festive TV advert.

Abby explained: “Quite a lot of the younger children came on down and asked questions about the reindeer and helped to feed them.”

“The reindeers are somewhat famous, they appeared in the Christmas advert for Tesco. We do many events. They’re locally famous for that.”

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