Police issue warning over ‘very dangerous’ former Hinckley cinema – and urge people to stay away following a recent attempt to get in

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 10 December 2021

HINCKLEY POLICE officers have urged people not to attempt to try entering inside of an abandoned cinema on Lower Bond Street, Hinckley, following the recent removal of a security grate, which was hoped to be used as an entry point to get inside.

The exposed grate on the old sports bar (Image: Mason Moore)

The grate was removed from the exterior in recent weeks and was spotted by both passers-by and the Free Press last night (Thursday, 9 December).

It is unknown as to whether the hopefuls who tried their hand at gaining access did or not, but the warning from the local officers still remains clear.

A Hinckley Police spokesperson branded breaking in to the former cinema and sports bar as “very dangerous”, and those who attempt to do so could be injured inside and face a ‘serious injury’, and even face prosecution for crimes such as criminal damage.

They said: “This type of activity can be very dangerous. Not only could they potentially face prosecution for crimes such as criminal damage but they could easily sustain serious injury and our advice would be to not engage in this activity.”

Known to many as the Danilo, and later All Bar Sports, the venue now has wear and tear on both the interior and exterior, with inside flooring being ‘eaten away’ by damp, wood rot, broken glass, asbestos, and even loose nails scattered around the inside.

The building shut some 17 years ago and was last used as a sports bar.

But, this is not the first time that people have tried to enter inside the building.

Back in 2017, officers met with four men ‘with memories’ of it who had gained entry through a broken window and claimed that they were there “purely out of interest”.

They issued a stern social media message after the incident, stating that officers had had to risk their own safety – and even that of a police dog unit which was deployed, but was ultimately not needed in the end.

In more recent years, “urban explorers” have tried to get inside and document it on online video-sharing platforms to no avail, but, one did snap some pictures inside.

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