Aldi partnering up with Earl Shilton man Chris Buckler to give gifts to their shoppers up and down the country – after surprising him for handing out gifts to Aldi Hinckley shoppers

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 December 2021

ALDI have asked everyone to ‘be a little more Chris’ this Christmas and to do their part for their community, making Earl Shilton-based driving instructor Chris Buckler the face behind a new festive campaign all about giving gifts to others this Christmastime.

Chris Buckler handing an advent calendar to a customer (Image: Aldi)

The cut-price supermarket chain will help Chris hand out gifts to Aldi customers up and down the country this month, to make Christmas ‘amazing for everyone’.

He has became the face of Aldi’s new campaign about giving to others after head bosses at Aldi’s UK headquarters, based in Atherstone, North Warwickshire, were told that he had been leaving chocolates and other treats out for shoppers of his local Aldi store.

Mr. Buckler has already became a local celebrity online over the past few years for handing out treats as a token of goodwill to shoppers themselves and on the front of cars their cars at his local Aldi supermarket, located at Holliers Walk in Hinckley.

Shoppers who have been gifted goodies by Chris in the past have left “thank you” messages on local community forum pages, like Spotted Hinckley, spreading their appreciation of his acts of kindness and letting others know of the gesture.

Recently, Chris’ warm-hearted gesture was noticed by employees of the Holliers Walk store – and the word even spread to head bosses of the discounters’ UK division itself.

Chris surprised with car boot full of goodies

When Aldi and employees from their Holliers Walk team had found out about how he had been cheering up shoppers with gifts, they had decided to surprise him.

They have documented the set-up of surprising him with hidden cameras and recording his reaction in a video which has been met with a positive reception from their customers on Facebook and other social media platforms, like Twitter.

The video shows Chris and his wife, Rosemary, pull up in his car to the store to do his weekly shop, with employees filling up his car with ‘hundreds of pounds worth’ of Aldi goodies, from mince pies, Christmas presents, pizza ovens, and garden equipment.

All of the presents left inside – and around – his car boot (Image: Aldi)

Employees were able to pull off the stunt as his wife Rosemary lent them a spare key.

Once he returned back to the car park, he was handed a bouquet of flowers by a shop worker who greeted him, asking if he was okay.

Chris as he was handed the bouquet of flowers by Aldi (Image: Aldi)

Touched by the kind gesture, he was tearful and overjoyed, with tears of happiness, explaining: “I don’t know what to say – I’m just overwhelmed. Thank you so much.”

The employee replied: “Thank you so much – on behalf of Aldi” – and then directed him back to his car, which sported a boot filled with festive goodies and other gifts.

Returning to his car, Chris was surprised at the sheer amount of presents inside, stating that it is ‘unbelievable’ and ‘so nice’’, adding: “We’ll have to do two trips now!”

Chris explained why he has been leaving gifts out on shoppers cars.

Chris Buckler (Image: Aldi)

He said: “It makes peoples day, just stopping and leaving flowers, anything, you know.

“And I’ve done so much out here that you can’t stop doing it.

“If I won enough money on the lottery I would do this full-time, and that’s all I’d spend the money on, but I’d go on to bigger things if I could.”

The video further shows Mr. Buckler and Aldi employees handing out presents and advent calendars to recipients, as well as leaving them on cars.

Aldi comment on Chris’ generous efforts

An Aldi spokesperson, said: “We’ve heard a lot about Chris’s incredible acts of kindness around Hinckley.

“We thought we’d surprise him as a ‘thank you’ for the amazing work he does, bringing joy to so many people.”

Chris and Aldi to give gifts up and down the country

At the time of publication (Thursday, 9 December), the video had been viewed on Facebook, about 106,000 times by and received over 3,900 ‘reactions’ in total.

In the video caption, a spokesperson for Aldi UK further added that they ‘won’t be stopping there’ – in regards to working with Chris after surprising him at the supermarket.

They said: “We’re not stopping there, we want to everyone to be a little more Chris this Christmas and do their bit for the community – and that includes us.

“We’ll be helping Chris give gifts to customers up and down the country throughout December, helping to make Christmas Amazing for Everyone.”

It can be viewed on YouTube, linked here.

Customers comment

Many shoppers from all around the UK have complimented Chris’ generous gestures.

One said: “Love this! Chris puts a smile on so many faces. Not only by leaving surprise gifts, but also as a driving instructor. He’s such a lovely guy and fully deserves this.”

Another stated that ‘everyone needs a Chris in their community’.

They said: “What a lovely man! Well done Aldi for rewarding his generosity and sharing his story with the rest of the country. Everyone needs a Chris in their community.”

One customer said that they had spotted Chris’ acts of kindness in the past – and he has now encouraged them to carry out at least one or two acts of kindness a week.

They said: “Well done to Aldi recognising Chris’s acts of kindness. He truly deserves this.

“I’ve witnessed his random acts on many occasions and it’s even spreading on to me – I try to do one or two every week. The smile it puts on people’s faces makes your day.”

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