Pizza Hut permanently close Grove Farm Triangle restaurant near Fosse Park shopping complex

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 6 December 2021

MUCH-LOVED American pizza restaurant chain, Pizza Hut, have closed their dine-in branch, next to the Sainsbury Superstore on the Grove Farm Triangle near Fosse Park.

Signage has been stripped away from the exterior (Image: Vaughan Moore)

Signage has been stripped away and taken down from the once-popular pizza place.

Some remnants still remain from them operating the space, though, such as a ghostly outline the iconic ‘hat’ Hut logo next to the entrance and the booth seating areas.

The restaurant now still sports seating booths inside (Image: Vaughan Moore)

When trading, they offered diners the fan-favourite pizza buffet deal from 11am to 3pm, an unlimited ice cream machine, and even bottles of imported American sodas.

Security guards at the nearby Sainsbury’s supermarket stated that they had seen it open and trading for the last time just one week ago.

A Pizza Hut Restaurants spokesperson stated that the closure has ‘saddened’ bosses behind the chain, but this was ‘beyond their control’.

They said: “Like many hospitality businesses, Pizza Hut Restaurants has faced disruption due to the pandemic.

“We are saddened by the closure of our Grove Farm Triangle restaurant, however this was beyond our control.

“Wherever possible we always try to redeploy our team members to other Pizza Hut Restaurants in order to minimise the impact to our workforce.

“You can continue to enjoy Pizza Hut at our Restaurants in Meridian Leisure Park and Thurmaston.”

The closure comes one year after Pizza Hut closed their Haymarket branch in the city centre in October 2020, after a Company Voluntary Agreement deal was negotiated, to make up for the impact that was caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

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