Campaigners collect signatures on Hinckley Market to stop banks from closing branches with future closures

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 4 December 2021

CAMPAIGNERS have been collecting signatures on Hinckley Market today (Saturday, 4 December) to support the campaign to stop banking firms from carrying out future ‘mass closures’ of bank branches across town centres.

Signatures being collected (Image: Mason Moore)

The stall set up at approximately 9.30am, where the first few signatures were collected.

Borough Councillors Dawn Glenville, Barry Walker, Michael Mullaney, Linda Mullaney, and Ann Pendlebury, encouraged residents and town-goers to sign, to show that there is a demand for bank branches.

They had approximately 300 signatures at the end of the day.

Some passers-by who penned their signatures voiced why they wanted them to remain.

One said: “If all the banks shut then I’m really going to struggle banking.”

Another added that some elderly residents cannot actively use, or afford, the internet.

They stressed: “It’s a shame for pensioners, as some of them can’t afford the internet.”

Coun. Dawn Glenville, said: “I think its wonderful people are stopping and taking an interest in helping to save our bank branches and building societies.

“We need to keep these facilities – we have an ageing population of bank users who rely on them, as they don’t bank online.”

Coun. Barry Walker, branded the recent closures as ‘disgusting’ and claims that less elderly people will not have their opportunity to stop by the town centre which they would usually have after banking.

He explained: “The recent closures are disgusting – we voted for the branches to remain and it passed, but lots of Conservatives voted against it.

“Some pensioners can’t use transport or manage online banking.

“Some use the town centre for their town centre shops after they have been to the bank, and they’ve been robbed of using the high street.”

Coun. Michael Mullaney, said: “I’m really pleased by the huge response we’ve had today supporting the campaign.

“Lets hope the Government listen and stop the banks from large scale bank branch closures.”

The market stall officially closed at 2pm – but those who have missed it should not fret, as they are able to cast their vote online through a form on the Bosworth Liberal Democrats website, linked here.

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