Hinckley and Bosworth campaigner appointed East Midlands Chair of Centre Think Tank

Mason Moore  | Hinckley Reporter | 1 December 2021

A CAMPAIGNER from Hinckley and Bosworth has been appointed the East Midlands Chair of a national political cross-party pressure group.

Mathew Hulbert (Image: Mathew Hulbert) / Centre Think Tank (Image: Twitter)

Mathew Hulbert has taken on a voluntary role with the Centre Think Tank.

Centre Think Tank are a group who promote and support strong public services and a mixed market economy – and they’re looking to build up their presence in the region.

Centre have a range of policies, such as protecting the environment by bringing wildlife back to the UK, and supporting a new ‘democracy watchdog’, which holds Members of Parliament and political parties to account on their standards.

Further policies include freeing up homes by taxing foreign ownership and second homes at a higher rate, giving the NHS a ‘proper’ funding boost, so that both mental health and physical health can finally be treated as equal.

Centre’s National Director, Torrin Wilkins, said: “Centre is a political organisation that supports both strong public services and free markets.

“Whilst we currently operate as a national organisation our focus is now turning towards how we can listen to the concerns of people at a local level and how we can create solutions to solve these issues.

“We are already doing this in Wales, and I am very happy that we are now starting a branch in the East Midlands.”

Wilkins continued: “Mathew Hulbert is the perfect person to head this new branch up. He is both a councillor, a campaigner for his local area and someone who is incredibly passionate about LGBTQ+ rights.

“I will be very excited to watch this branch grow and to see the positive impact it has on the local area. “

Mr. Hulbert, said: “I’m delighted to take on this role. With populists of both Left and Right gaining ground, it has never been more important for the vital centre of British politics to reassert itself and deliver practical and pragmatic solutions to the great challenges that confront our region, our country, and our world today.

“We need properly funded, strong public services and a mixed market economy, with more help especially for small businesses at what remains a difficult time for them.

“I hope others who share these values will get involved.”

The national Centre Think Tank Twitter account can be followed here, and their regional branch can be followed here.

Mr. Hulbert can be contacted on email via mhulbert1980@gmail.com.

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