Nine arrested in Hinckley in second week of specialist Police operation ‘Operation Goodyear’

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 8 November 2021

NINE PEOPLE were arrested by police officers in Hinckley two nights’ ago (6 November).

Regent Street, Hinckley (Image: Google Street View) / Inset (Image: Pexels)

Assault, possession of drugs and being drunk and disorderly, were cited as the reasoning behind the nine arrests made by cops in town on Saturday evening.

The arrests were made in the second week of the police’s ‘specialist’ police operation, Operation Goodyear, which focuses on preventing violent crimes.

Hinckley Police have partnered up with many teams and forces to carry out the operation, including Leicestershire Police and their sniffer dog team, as well as the Borough Council’s Safety Team and team of CCTV operators.

According to a Facebook statement issued by Hinckley Police officers, some of the drinkers who were arrested were so drunk and disorderly that they thought it would be ‘justifiable’ to indecently expose themselves, cause damage and even act ‘abusively’ to others.

They had been given a total of five warnings in advance by officers before handcuffs were placed on their wrists and they were placed in the back of a police vehicle.

Four of the nine people arrested were in possession of drugs and were sniffed out by police dog Storm, who gave officers a positive indication when he smelt for drugs.

A “knife arch”, a tool used for searching for needles and weapons, was brought into the town centre by the force, but luckily, none of these were located during the night.

A total of 19 searches were carried out.

The first of the ‘Operation Goodyear’ operations took place on Saturday, 30 October, where one individual who was ‘wanted on warrant’ was arrested during a drugs bust for assaulting officers.

Hinckley Police officers have further stated that residents and town-goers can expect a ‘strong’ police presence in town in the build up to Christmas and New Year, to ensure that people are safe whilst coming out to celebrate both festivities.

The Hinckley Free Press have reached out to Leicestershire Police for further details, but have not yet received any at the time of publication (8 November).

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