Tomorrow marks last day of Council trialling electric refuse vehicle across the borough

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 3 November 2021

HINCKLEY and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) have been trialling the use of an electric refuse and recycling bin lorry this week – and tomorrow (Thursday) marks the last day of the trial.

Coun. Martin Cartwright with the trial electric refuse vehicle (Image: HBBC)

The Council’s trial with the vehicle, officially titled the Dennis E-Collect Refuse Collection Vehicle, lasts for a week – but their trial is only being run for three days, from Tuesday (2 November), Wednesday (3 November) and Thursday (4 November).

It is being used to collect garden waste bins from Hinckley and Burbage.

A Council spokesperson stated in a release that the vehicle is being trialled “in the drive towards fossil fuel alternatives to power vehicles”.

On a single charge, the vehicle is able to pick up waste from approximately 1,100 properties over the course of a single day, before travelling to a local farm composting site where the waste is tipped and then composted.

When the round has been completed, it will be recharged at the Council’s depot for around seven to eight hours.

It is fully electric and sports a total of five battery which helps give the vehicle a total of 300 kWh of power and 200 kWh of electric motor.

It is ‘much quieter’ than the traditional vehicles that have been used and weighs around 26 tonnes.

Emissions from the fleet currently makes up for over 40 per cent of the council’s emissions and reducing them would be “critical” to achieve their net zero carbon ambitions.

The Borough Council have already committed to assessing any infrastructure improvements that might be necessary to move to ‘greener’ alternatives.

Coun. Martin Cartwright, the borough council’s Executive Member for Climate Change, said: “We are getting more used to seeing electric cars on the road but as yet not electric refuse trucks.

“Moving weight over distance presents challenges, it was great to see and ask questions from representatives of Dennis about their electric refuse truck.

“This trial is a short one only lasting a few days but vitally important to us as a Borough Council to see how it performs out there in real life.

“Further trials will take place but from what I saw this will undoubtedly the way forward. I would also like to thank all our crews for the first class service they provided to our residents especially throughout the pandemic.

“Look out in Burbage and Hinckley for this Grey electric demo refuse vehicle as you are far less likely to hear it than our current fleet.”

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