Reviewed: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s ‘scarily good’ Halloween-themed Fearfest show at Revival

Mason Moore, Vaughan Moore & Chris Maxwell | 1 November 2021

“TRICK OR TREAT?” is the biggest question asked every Halloween – but Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s show at Revival, based on Regent Street, certainly was a treat for attendees.

Miss TuTu as a ‘corpse bride’ (Image: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo) / (Inset: Revival)

Miss TuTu presented Revival’s first-ever Halloween event, named “Fearfest”, which seen her dressed as a ‘corpse bride’, lip-sync routines, audience participation games, and a disco, which seen ticketholders dance their way into the late hours of the night.

The show started at 7.30pm and attendees marvelled at Miss TuTu’s dance and lip-sync routine to “Thriller”, which proved a hit in the opening segment – proving fans were in for a good night.

Notable others in attendance included Theresa May, David Bowie, zombies, skeletons, devils and angels, just to name a few.

Ticket prices and exclusive drinks

Regular tickets set customers back just £10.50, with ‘VIP’ tickets costing £14.99, just a £4.49 difference.

The VIP package gives people a guaranteed seat in the booths, a ‘shoutout’ in TuTu’s show, an alcoholic shot, and their photo going on the venue’s ‘big screen’ jumbotron.

Three new Halloween-week exclusive cocktails were available to order from using the table service ‘ordering blocks’ – these were named ‘Project X’, ‘Beetle Juice’, and ‘Witches Brew’, which cost £9.50 per drink.

‘Theresa May’ wins the booze

The only game to be held of the night was Miss TuTu’s game “The Human Mummies”, which seen four people in a team of two each, to see who could wrap their partner up using four rolls of toilet roll in the quickest time possible.

The first team, was made up of Andrew from Loughborough, who donned a fan-favourite ‘Theresa May’ outfit which was well-received with ticketholders, but TuTu sarcastically exclaimed: “You look a combination of Boris Johnson and Theresa May!”.

Andrew was partnered up with Lewis from Burbage, who was dressed as a skeleton – they managed to secure a victory over the opposing team, winning the Halloween cocktails and a punch bowl for members of their party on their table.

But, the opposition did not walk away empty-handed, as they managed to take a ‘birdcage’ of cocktails back to their table with them.

‘Throwback’ lip-sync routine

Showcasing her past times at Revival, TuTu performed ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears – the first song that she performed a lip-sync and dance routine to at her first show back in August.

This was shortly followed by the next lip-sync act at 7.57pm – “Sweet Dreams” by Beyoncé. The lip-sync transitioned into the 20 minute interval, which started at 8pm. The show continued after the interval, with revellers being lead in to a ‘time warp’.

Exclusive interview with TuTu

Speaking to the Free Press about the night, and her costume, Miss TuTu said: “Nate designed all [of] their costume with Sharpie and they designed my wedding dress too.

“I’ve been enjoying it – but was a bit nervous and have worked with it as my usual style is glam queer, but I’ve been embracing it [Halloween].

“The Halloween drinks will have people enjoying it too. New Year’s Eve (NYE) and 80’s tickets are on sale.”

Miss TuTu and Nate (Image: Mason Moore)

Finale and “Time Warp”

To end the main show, Ca-Choo, performed one last lip-sync routine to “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga.

Following the lip-sync, revellers ‘time warped’ with TuTu using Little Neil’s aptly-named hit, “Time Warp”, before offering photo opportunities and a dance on the disco floor.

Writer’s view

Mason Moore, the Free Press’ Hinckley reporter, expressed his thoughts on the bar’s first themed show.

He explained: “Nobody would have suspected that Miss TuTu was ‘out of her comfort zone’, she warmed up to the Halloween atmosphere and gimmick really well over the course of the night and had got everybody in the mood for the ‘spooky season’.

“I tip my hat to the local drag legend, but my one and only critique of the night is that the show could have went just a bit longer before ‘time warping’ into the disco.

“A great night was had by all, especially me, and I will definitely be back.”

Chris Maxwell, an occasional contributor to the Free Press, explained: “The ‘Fearfest’ was a very high energy spooky theatrical experience.

“The loud music and dramatic performances tied with some mini games and made for another fun night at Revival.”

Going back to the 80’s

For those who were not able to attend the spooky goings on at the Regent Street-based venue, fear not, as tickets for Miss TuTu’s ‘80s special, which will be held on November 28, can be purchased on, or through Revival directly.

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