New bar named “Out Out” ‘coming soon’ to Hinckley town centre in former Vis a Vis shots bar

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 29 October 2021

A NEW bar named “Out Out” is opening inside of Hinckley’s former Vis a Vis shots bar, located on the Edwards Centre on Regent Street, which will give revellers the chance to have many a night ‘out out’ together over a few drinks.

Stock photo (Image: Pexels) / Inset (Image: Facebook)

The bar is named after a popular comedy routine by London-based comedian Micky Flanagan, which has since became a popular saying amongst drinkers as they joke that they are going “out out” when they are off for a night out with their friends for plenty of drinks.

A social media presence for the new bar was set up five days’ ago back on 24 October, however owners have been trying to keep things under wraps by using a ‘question mark’ for the profile picture – and a cover photo which simply reads “coming soon.”

Whilst the owners have tried to keep it quiet about their location on Facebook, they have launched a TikTok account, @.out_out, where they have been giving followers an exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ look at the renovation works taking place inside.

Re-fitting works have been documented in the videos, where they show how the bar used to look, show that they have been ‘tackling the mess’ that was left inside, such as removing the old drinks bar and old floor tiling.

The former Vis bar (Image: Mason Moore)

Vis a Vis permanently closed their doors in early April after 16 years, to little surprise, as the building was put up ‘to let’ in October 2020, whilst they remained closed.

No further information on ‘Out Out’ has yet been made public knowledge at the time of publication (29 October), but the Free Press have reached out to the owners for more details.

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