Location revealed for Nuneaton’s newest Ropewalk retailer The Fragrance Shop

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 28 October 2021

THE LOCATION for Nuneaton’s newest fragrance retailer, based inside the Ropewalk Shopping Centre, has been revealed.

Nine days ago (19 October), the Free Press exclusively reported that the Fragrance Shop, who currently have a total of 200 locations across the UK, had been listed on the Ropewalk website – and added a ‘Nuneaton’ listing to their own Store Finder.

Last Tuesday, we were unable to reveal what unit they were set to take on, as no information was known about the site.

But, today (28 October), the Free Press paid a visit to the shopping mall and are able to confirm that the space which once housed jewellery retailer Ernest Jones – Unit 16, near Queens Road, is set to become home to The Fragrance Shop.

Work was spotted inside – and signs are now up (Image: Mason Moore)

Contractors were spotted re-fitting the interior of the space, with two new storefront signs installed above the units, reading: “The Fragrance Shop” and “Spray a little happiness.”

Job vacancies were also being advertised on career searching website Indeed.

The jobs that are currently up-for-grabs include Store Manager, Assistant Manager and Sales Consultant – these are further being advertised on electronic advertising boards inside of the shopping centre, with the promotional advertisements, reading: “Join the TFS Team! Become a fragrance expert!”

Jobs being advertised in the shopping centre (Image: Mason Moore)

Those wanting to apply for careers for the new Nuneaton store are being encouraged to e-mail in their CVs to talent@tfs.com.

The Fragrance Shop locally have a branch inside of Hinckley’s Britannia Shopping Centre.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the Ropewalk, in the former H&M fashion store, near the Chapel Street entrance, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have been working on bringing a brand new ‘temporary’ job centre into the mall.

Storefront signage was spotted up above the units today, covering the ‘ghost sign’ which was left from H&M of the outline of where their storefront logo on the exterior of the unit once sat.

Nuneaton’s new Job Centre Plus now has signage (Image: Mason Moore)

It will mark the second Job Centre Plus location in Nuneaton, as they already have one branch, based near Riversley Park on Mill Walk.

The Ropewalk branch is expected to open some time in November, but an exact opening date has not yet been officially confirmed.

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