Two new CCTV cameras being installed in Hinckley’s Queens Park to reduce criminal activity

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 26 October 2021

WORKS are taking place in Queens Park, Hinckley this week to install two brand new CCTV cameras to keep the park safer and reduce criminal activity.

Where the cameras will be installed (Image: Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council)

It comes two months after CCTV cameras were installed in Hollycroft Park on 25 August, where the Borough Council confirmed that Queens Park and Clarendon Park would get new security cameras after Hollycroft ‘in the coming months’.

They are being installed so that Hinckley police officers can be given any evidence from the cameras if any criminal acts were to take place inside.

When Hollycroft Park’s cameras had just been installed in late August, Hinckley police officers issued a social media statement, describing the cameras coming to Queens Park and Clarendon Park as “an added bonus which will no doubt soon provide us with some brilliant evidence of naughty people doing naughty things”.

The police spokesperson further added that they already work closely with the CCTV operators in the area and have had ‘fantastic’ results from their team work in the past.

This morning (26 October), the Council took to social media sharing site, Facebook, to alert residents that ground works to install the cameras will be taking place on-site over the course of the week.

The area which is being used to install the cameras has clearly been cordoned off with orange fencing.

The statement reads: “If you are walking through Queens Park, Hinckley you may notice some ground works taking place this week.

“This is in preparation for 2 new CCTV cameras which are being installed in this area.”

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