Local property development firm snap up mystery ‘landmark’ location in Hinckley

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 22 October 2021

A LOCAL independent property development firm have snapped up a mystery ‘landmark’ location in Hinckley.

Solanki Holdings have announced a ‘landmark site’ has been acquired (Image: Solanki Holdings / Facebook)

Solanki Holdings UK and International, who own local pub chain Elmesthorpe Brewery, have announced on social media that they have acquired a new town centre location.

The firm already have one existing site in Hinckley so far – a pub which they have bought from Wetherspoons in 2019, the New Baron of Hinckley, on Regent Street.

The announcement of their brand new acquisition was made in a post on the development firm’s official Facebook page last Saturday afternoon (16 October).

Their post on the social media sharing site, simply read: “Landmark site acquired in Hinckley town centre.”

A spokesperson for Solanki Holdings explained to the Free Press that they could not reveal the exact whereabouts of the new site – or when it plans to open, however like in the Facebook post, they echoed that it was a “landmark” location.

They said: “The new site is a landmark site in the town centre”.

But, they were unable to make any further information known at the time of publication (22 October), and have been keeping their cards close to their chest, due to non-disclosure agreements and out of respect to protect the privacy of the tenants.

Town’s “under offer” locations – where it could be

Whilst it remains a mystery at the time being, the Free Press have collated a list of the most likely potential units that have recently had an ‘under offer’ sign placed atop of them across the town.

“Under offer” signs are placed above, or to the side of, the exterior of any premises when an offer has been accepted but the contracts have not yet been exchanged.

Former Caves, 3 Castle Street, Hinckley

Caves on Castle Street has been gone since September 2019 (Image: Mason Moore)

Much-loved and long-established local greengrocers, Caves, traded from their Hinckley town centre space on 3 Castle Street for the last time in October 2019.

At the end of May this year (31 May), an “under offer” sign was placed above their old space, housed next door to Italian cafe Sovrano Caffe on 3 Castle Street.

As this last traded as a greengrocers, an alcohol licence and ‘class use’ change would both need to be sought out so that they could be used as either an eatery or pub.

Interestingly, the handwritten notice which was signposted in the window which informed residents and town-goers of the closure has been removed.

Front of Former Yorkshire Bank, 5 Market Place, Hinckley

Yorkshire Bank closed in 2018 – and has been ‘under offer’ 24 months (Image: Mason Moore)

One of the buildings to sport an “under offer” sign for a rather long time is the front part of the former Yorkshire Bank, based on Market Place, which closed in 2018.

It was first given an “under offer” sign back 24 months ago back in September 2019, where it has remained marketed by Wards, but untouched.

But, hope remains for the space, as similarly, the back of the bank was transformed into a Thai eatery named “Nid’s Kitchen” opened earlier this year, which gives hungry Hinckley diners the chance to enjoy their tasty Thai food inside or to take away.

Former Rossini’s, Unit C6, The Crescent, Hinckley

Former Rossini’s space (Image: Mason Moore)

As the Free Press reported back in mid-June, an “under offer” sign was slapped on top of the former Rossini’s Italian restaurant in The Crescent back on 23 June, three months and four days ago.

It was previously used as Rossini’s restaurant, who moved over from their old site on Coventry Road in Hinckley, but they permanently closed the location after the space was struck by two separate arson attacks – one in June 2016, the other in March 2019.

Wards have been marketing and promoting the space on their social media profiles back in December in hopes that it would pick up a potential taker.

Unlike other aforementioned properties on these lists, Solanki Holdings would not have to worry about ‘use class’ changes or alcohol licences, as it has previously been used as a restaurant, so it has retained that use as a result.

The firm already have experiences with bars and eateries, so this would give them an advantage, given they were to take it on.

Elmesthorpe Brewery own the “Crafty Slice” pizzeria and bar in Melton Mowbray, housed in a former Pizza Express site, and many town centre bars – The New Baron, in Hinckley, The Dog House, in Leicester city centre and the Crafty Lion in Stoke.

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