Myton Hospice’s ‘clearance’ charity shop permanently closes in Nuneaton town centre

Mason Moore & Vaughan Moore | 20 October 2021

A CHARITY SHOP in Nuneaton have permanently closed their doors today (20 October).

Myton have closed their Stratford Street shop (Image: Mason Moore)

Myton Hospices’ “clearance” charity shop on Abbey Street, has been cleared out by store managers and volunteers this afternoon.

Now, just one lone poster remains inside the space, which has been signposted on the window, informing town-goers to pay a visit or volunteer at their nearest location over on 15 Bridge Street.

This now leaves the British Heart Foundation furniture and electrical store as the last trading charity shop on Stratford Street, after the closures of PDSA, Cancer Research, and now Myton.

The store was known for having ‘all’ stock priced at just £1, which was an ‘Aladdin’s cave’ of hidden gems for bargain lovers.

They sold toys, clothing, bric-a-brac, books, and board games all with the £1 price tag.

“It has closed down today (20 October), and our new [primary] location, on Bridge Street, the Furniture Shop, will open next Monday (25 October)”, a store spokesperson explained to the Free Press.

Refurbishment works are currently taking place on the pre-existing Bridge Street shop ready for their Monday re-opening, where ex-Stratford Street volunteers and staff have moved into with the charity’s other team.

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