War Memorial Wall in Argents Mead being restored to former glory this week

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 13 October 2021

RESTORATION WORKS to repair the weather-damaged War Memorial Wall in the ‘remembrance’ area of Hinckley’s Argents Mead park are set to take place this week.

How the memorial will look once repaired (Image: HBBC)

A specialist stonemason is carrying out restoration works which will see the Grade II* listed remembrance monument restored back to its former glory.

He is repairing it using a ‘breathable’ lime mortar and repointing sections of the wall and consolidated cracked areas of stone, so that it will once again be a ‘fitting’ tribute to those who gave their lives in the great war.

It will be fixed in time for this years’ Remembrance Sunday service, where it will be decorated with wreaths laid on it, by representatives from the Royal British Legion, Veteran Group and local Guiding, Scouting and Cadet organisations.

Weather damage and restoration rescheduling

Back in February, it was struck by a spot of bad weather which seen it become damaged with several stone letters which made up a sentence fall of it as a result.

The sentence originally read: “The names of those who gave their lives in the great war”.

A few days after it damaged, a Council spokesperson took to social media to state that it required ‘minor maintenance’ and that works would go ahead, but, nothing new was heard until May.

In mid-May, it was revealed that the Council had put a total of £7,500 towards restoration works which would be completed by Nottingham-based stonemason Capitol Stone in the summer.

But, at the start of September, the Free Press discovered that it had remained damaged as the works needed to be discussed in front of a Planning Committee in late September before any works could be completed, because of its grade listing.

It was given a Grade II* listing from Historic England back on 10 August 1989.

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