Police officers issue warning to drivers over ‘inconsiderate’ parking near Earl Shilton school

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 11 October 2021

POLICE OFFICERS have issued a warning on social media to drivers about inconsiderate parking after they visited an Earl Shilton primary school today (11 October) to monitor parking issues.

Car on pavement (Image: Hinckley Police) / Police badge (Image: Pixabay)

The warning comes after PCSO Reed paid a visit to Townlands Church of England Primary School in Earl Shilton this morning to monitor parking issues – and she had spotted multiple cars which had been parked up ‘inconsiderately’ by drivers.

The vehicles which they had noticed were parked in a way which were not safe for either road users or people crossing the roads.

Officers have subsequently taken registration numbers information of the vehicles in question and snapped pictures of how they were parked.

Now, they are calling on people to park considerably and safely in a bid to avoid any accidents.

In a statement issued on Facebook, a force spokesperson, explained: “We do appreciate that the majority of you are busy and do have a job to get too. All we ask for is that people park considerately and safely to avoid any accidents.”

They were unable to head back to the primary school later on in the afternoon, as they had to attend to other incidents, but have stated that they will be paying a visit to more schools on the beat over the course of the week.

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