Mathew Hulbert appears on ‘Lost for Words’ podcast to discuss radio career, politics, and coming out

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 7 October 2021

A LOCAL Parish Councillor has recently appeared on the ‘Lost for Words’ podcast  – an hour-long show where guests are invited to share their ‘opinions, glories and interesting stories’ with listeners.

Mathew Hulbert (Image: Supplied) / Lost for Words logo (Image: Lost For Words)

Coun. Mathew Hulbert (Lib Dem, Redhall), of Barwell Parish Council, appeared on the podcast late last month (27 September), where he spoke to host Jason about why he decided to become a Lib Dem councillor and where he ‘sees the country heading’.

He is no stranger to podcasts, having made his podcast debut as a guest on British politics podcast show, ‘Debated’, hosted by Will Barber-Taylor and Conrad Lewandowski back on 21 August.

He reflected on his tenure as a radio presenter on the airwaves at a local radio station where he was presented with the opportunity to interview two past Prime Ministers – David Cameron and Gordon Brown.

He further discussed ‘coming out’ as a gay man and how he is an avid campaigner for LGBT+ rights, especially for transgender people, as ‘they still face discrimination in today’s society’.

Speaking exclusively to the Free Press, Mathew described it as ‘an honour’ to appear on the podcast, and hopes that listeners will enjoy the episode.

He said: “It was an honour to be interviewed for an episode of the ‘Lost for Words’ podcast.

“It was a wide-ranging conversation, including my talking about being an LGBT+ Rights campaigner, the work of parish and town councils, the future of the Lib Dems, and much more.

“The great thing about podcasts, especially in an era of sound bite clips on the media, is you’re able to discuss things at length and really get into the detail.

“I hope people will enjoy listening to it.”

The episode can be found on YouTube and Apple Podcasts as well as other podcast streaming services, such as Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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