Review: Doug Carter’s Comedy Club entertains all as crowds roar with laughter

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 5 October 2021

HINCKLEY’S Revival bar, located on Regent Street, held their first ever Comedy Club show two nights’ ago night (3 October), exclusively for ticketholders, which was arranged by Bedworth-based comedian Doug Carter and seen a total of three comics perform.

Poster for Doug Carter’s Comedy Night (Image: Revival)

Scottish comedian and actress, Rachel Jackson, opened the show, making light of many of her unfortunately true experiences, such as being ‘dumped’ the Christmas before the first lockdown, being signed out of her ex-boyfriend’s Netflix at the height of the pandemic on the first day of the first lockdown, and the struggles that singletons faced being ‘locked down’ three times.

Show compère and MC, Doug Carter then warmed up the crowd ready for the second act to take to the stage.

Carter spoke of his childhood, how it was for him growing up in Bedworth – ‘the town that gets picked on’ by all the other towns nearby.

He then proceeded to speak about his ever-growing fascination with the modern day “roadman” ‘lingo’ – and how youngsters can quickly change back into speaking in their normal accents when not surrounded by their peers.

Next up was Adam Hughes – a fan-favourite – the beloved bearded Scouser spoke about being a father, parenting, how ‘he has looked the same since sixth-form’, and how he was ‘mistaken for the IT technician’ by his teachers.

Finally, after the last interval, headline act Eddy Brimson, came out to a roaring round of applause as cheers and ‘woos’ filled the room.

Brimson told of how international audiences have a ‘rather different’ sense of humour to his jokes, which he has told abroad before, leaving two audience members baffled ‘as to what the punchline was’, because his style of humour did not translate.

He further spoke about his dating life, how he and his partner get on together, what it is like for men to try and date in the modern day, the differences between men and women, and ‘awkward’ adult experiences and how he previously handled them.

Only one audience member tried their hand at heckling, which was strictly warned against before the show had started, but, they were quickly quietened by the fast-to-act comic, who brushed it off and carried on with the show.

My thoughts and rating

I went in to the show with an open mind  – and I’m glad I did – because I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I was relived to find that all of the comics knew exactly how to work with the audience and keep them entertained throughout the night.

They picked up on what jokes were working and what material wasn’t being as well-received – and didn’t stress once if a joke did fall on deaf ears – as not all jokes will be relatable.

Carter ensured that hecklers would not be tolerated at the start of the show and after the one incident through Brimson’s set, I’m sure this rule will once again be echoed louder and clearer than this time, when the next show is held in the future.

Comics performed in front of the bar and the rule was decided by event organisers that the bar would be ‘out of bounds’ whilst they were performing their stand-up routines, but a clever compromise was made as a solution, which was the introduction of ‘beer pitchers’ filled with Coors Light and Carling, priced at £12 per pitcher.

Those who prefer sweeter drinks were able to help themselves to a ‘birdcage’ of cocktails as well as glass ‘teapots’ filled to the top with cocktails.

I would give this show a solid five out of five stars – no complaints here – really well put together, and it really shows that the performers are able to work under pressure when hecklers do try and start – and they know how to help newcomers, like myself, have a great first experience.

Future show and Doug Carter’s reaction

Exclusively speaking to the Free Press, Doug Carter and a Revival spokesperson both confirmed that a show is in the works for some time in December – just two months away.

Doug Carter, said: “I don’t think it could have gone better.

“The demographics show that we’ve had young-to-old ticketholders in attendance.

“Everyone was on board – 50 per cent of those in attendance had never been to a comedy show before, but all enjoyed themselves.

“In the next show, which is being planned for December, we will have brand new acts.

“I will still serve as the MC for the December show and the show after, but after that I will bring in MC’s.”

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