Borough Council ‘standing ready’ to support former Avro Energy employees

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 September 2021

HINCKLEY and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) are ‘standing ready’ to offer support any former Avro Energy employees, following the company’s collapse yesterday.

Today (23 September), the Council announced that they will be supporting former Avro employees by working with them directly and working with their partner employment groups in helping them to find work.

The Council’s partners – the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), National Career Service, and Leicestershire Employment Hub, will be able to help out and advise any former Avro employees who have been affected by the closure.

Any former Avro employees who are currently seeking support are being encouraged to email the Council’s Customer Services department on, or alternatively call them on 01455 238141.

Council Leader concerned over impact

Council Leader, Coun. Stuart Bray (Lib Dem, Hinckley Castle), has stated that it “particularly disappointing” that a national energy crisis has meant that a Hinckley-based business have had to cease trading as a result.

Councillor Bray further expressed concern over the impact of the collapse on former employees who have been affected.

He said: “In these difficult times it is particularly disappointing to see the national energy crisis affect a Hinckley based business.

“I’m very concerned about the impact of this failure on people’s careers and livelihoods.”

Avro announced closure yesterday

Avro Energy were based on Wheatfield Way, near Hinckley’s Morrisons supermarket, and permanently ceased trading yesterday (22 September).

It was made known in a statement posted on their official website stating that they had ceased operations and stressed that customers ‘need not worry’, as their supplies are secure and domestic credit balances are protected.

Ofgem helping former customers

In the meantime, energy regulator Ofgem are providing advice to Avro Energy customers.

They have advised people not to switch, but to instead wait it out until a new supplier has been appointed, as they believe that this process of handing customers to a new supplier and honouring domestic customers’ credit balances is “as hassle-free as possible” for Avro’s former customers.

Both domestic and non-domestic customers can get further support from Ofgem directly from their official website and social media channels – their official website is

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