Review: Miss TuTu’s Disney quiz night at Hinckley’s Revival bar

Vaughan Moore & Mason Moore | 20 September 2021

MALEFICENT, Cruella, Princess Jasmine, Belle and Elsa were a few of the iconic Disney characters spotted on Regent Street in Hinckley last night (19 September), all as a result of Hinckley-based drag queen Miss TuTu Ca-Choo’s ‘Disney’ quiz night for Revival revellers.

Miss TuTu as Maleficent (Image: Miss TuTu Ca-Choo) / Disney logo (Image: Shop Disney)

A Disney quiz night was first announced as the theme for this month’s event by Miss TuTu herself when she hosted her first drag show at Revival last month, which gave attendees time to prepare and don their Disney outfits to look like characters from big screen classics.

TuTu Ca-Choo was dressed as Maleficent, Disney’s dark villain and self-proclaimed ‘Mistress of Evil’ – she was quick to welcome those who caught her debut performance last month, as well as first-time attendees.

There was high demand for the event, with some attendees lining up at the door last minute to get their hands on last-minute tickets, and mostly packed tables inside, consisting of four people or more sitting around quizzing together in a group effort.

The ‘fishy’ and sassy drag queen’s show was combined with her unpredictable moves in her dance routines, quick-witted banter, and, of course, lip-syncing performances.

Contests, cocktails and games

Throughout the night, a contest was held to decide which attendees were the ‘best-dressed’, which was ultimately won by “Peter Pan’s Shadow” and Hocus Pocus villains “The Sanderson Sisters” – prizes included Standees, cocktails, socks and keyrings.

Patrons had a lot of choice when it came to cocktails – the signature ‘Miss TuTu’ Cocktail made a return, along with the chance to purchase some Disney-themed cocktails, that were available for one night only.

Two quizzes were held – the first being a 15-question general knowledge all about the Disney franchise and films, the second being a 20-question total music quiz where 30 second soundbites of soundtrack songs were played which had to be identified.

You did not have to be a Disney expert to take part – some teams scored lower than 20 points out of the 50 total, but still tried out the new exclusive cocktails, dressed up, and had stayed to watch Ca-Choo’s exciting and hilarious themed set.

In true TuTu fashion, a suggestive ‘adult’ game was held, which seen two teams passing balloons between their legs without the use of their hands, making it fun for all involved and humorous for all on-lookers.

This drew similarities to her first show last month which featured a game that which seen two players take part in a ‘balloon popping’ game where one player sat down and the other sat on top them, on top of a balloon, in a bid to pop it and win points.

Audience reaction

Chris Maxwell, an occasional contributor to the Free Press, attended the event and took part in both quizzes, joining forces with the Free Press’ Editorial Team, scoring a grand total of 28 out of 50 – and he even took part in TuTu’s aforementioned game.

Speaking to the Free Press about the night, Chris Maxwell, said: “I enjoyed the whole night all round. The quiz went pretty well, a score of 28 out of 50 is better than nothing, over half way! I really enjoyed seeing Miss TuTu live.”

Halloween night announced

During the night, TuTu also exclusively revealed that the next time she visits Revival will be for a Halloween special night (Sunday 31 October), with tickets becoming available in ‘the next few weeks’ at the time of publication.

Merchandise and payments

In addition to photos with TuTu, patrons also had the chance to purchase some merchandise – a mug or keyring, with PayPal also now being accepted as a form of payment.

This meant that more customers, who do not carry cash and only use virtual card payments and digital payments, were able to buy merchandise following photo opportunities, unlike on her debut event last month which was cash only.

Miss TuTu’s dance routines really were filled with ‘Disney magic’ and managed to make the crowds marvel at her lip-syncing and dance routines.

In the finale, which was a lip-sync performance to the hit song “Let it Go”, from the original Frozen movie soundtrack, Miss TuTu copied Elsa the Ice Queen from the movie, by ‘making it snow’ and spraying crowd members with fake snow.

If you’re looking for some live entertainment on Halloween, look no further than the Revival bar.

Filled with fancy dress, fun, and Halloween-themed banter, this isn’t a night to miss – and TuTu knows how to sell tickets quick, so get them as soon as they come out – the Free Press will definitely be making a comeback for the next event.

You can ‘Like’ TuTu on Facebook here for updates on any further shows.

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