Revealed: Why the War Memorial Wall in Argents Mead remains untouched

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 7 September 2021

HINCKLEY and Bosworth Borough Council (HBBC) have revealed why restoration works have not yet taken place on the War Memorial Wall in the Argents Mead park.

The currently weather-damaged wall (Image: Vaughan Moore)

The restoration works on the Grade II* listed weather-hit memorial wall were set to take place this summer, as the Borough Council put £7,400 of funding towards getting a specialist stonemason to repair the momument.

Stone lettering fell off in February, obscuring one of the main sentences read by those paying their respects to the fallen: “The names of those who gave their lives in the great war”.

The specialist stonemason who will be challenged with repairing the wall will repoint sections of the wall and consolidated cracked areas of stone.

But, the Free Press have learnt that the repairs have not yet been carried out as they need to be discussed at a Borough Council Planning Committee meeting in two weeks’ time (21 September).

A Borough Council spokesperson explained: “This type of work has to go to the Planning Committee, which is planned to take place on 21 September.

“The delay has possibly arisen from the fact that we have had to wait for a quotation and a planned ‘cost of action’ plan.

“This particular type of work is very specialist, but all being well it will be actioned shortly.”

The memorial received its Grade II* listed status from Historic England back on 10 August 1989.

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