Barwell Councillor Mathew Hulbert features on Debated Podcast

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 29 August 2021

BARWELL Parish Councillor Mathew Hulbert has featured on ‘Debated’, a British politics podcast.

Mathew Hulbert (Image: HFP) / Debated Podcast (Image: Debated Podcast)

“Debated”, which has been running since 2019, sees show hosts Will Barber-Taylor and Conrad Lewandowski interview guests from across the political spectrum on a topic of different issues.

Even a few Members of Parliament have featured on the podcast in the past, including Victoria Foxcroft, Alistair Carmichael, Wendy Chamberlain and John Cruddas.

Coun. Hulbert (Lib Dem, Redhall), spoke to Will Barber-Taylor about the differences between Borough and Parish Councils, the type of influence each one has, the prospect of an English parliament, and the importance of housing in the UK.

He was further quizzed by Barber-Taylor on what Parish Council meetings consist of and what made him want to get involved with local Government.

He told the Free Press that he was ‘thrilled’ to have been interviewed and enjoyed taking about the ‘often misunderstood’ work of local councils.

He explained: “I was thrilled to be interviewed for the brilliant Debated Podcast.

“I especially enjoyed being able to talk about the vitally important but often misunderstood work of parish and town councils.

“Nationwide, the 10,000 parish and town councils in England invest a combined more than £1bn in communities each year. A not insubstantial amount of money.

“I welcome any and every opportunity to cheerlead for parish and town councils.

“It was also good to talk about other issues, such as the need for local communities to be given more say over planning decisions and why I think Tory plans for Leicestershire to become a unitary authority are bad for local democracy.”

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