Partly-demolished former Hinckley bingo hall secured with new fences

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 22 August 2021

NEW FENCES have been erected at the site of a recently partly-demolished former Hinckley bingo hall to put a stop to vandals sneaking on the land again.

The newly-erected fences (Image: Mason Moore)

Earlier this month (9 August), a group of five to six yobs snuck their way behind the fences of The Regent, on Lancaster Road, where they allegedly ‘hurled’ stones at Iceland car park users and passers-by, before climbing the building.

As a result of their actions on the day, they had ended up bending the security fences in half, which separate the public from the unsafe former bingo hall.

One yob got caught in the fence – leaving it bent in half (Image: Mason Moore)

But, since the incident has taken place, a town councillor has worked with the Borough Council and land owners in helping to secure the property once again.

Coun. Michael Mullaney (Lib Dem, De Montfort), explained to the Free Press that he had helped to alert the Borough Council last Sunday (19 August) about the damaged and bent unsafe fences at the former bingo site.

The council officers then made contact with the managing agents of The Regent, who then explained the incident to the landlord, who prompted the action of getting a new secure fence installed, fitted with a lock, for public safety.

Future plans and partial demolition

The Regent recently underwent demolition works from Nuneaton-based demolition firm AR Demolition, who removed the ‘dome’ from the top of the building where flats will be created and further work at the rear of the site.

What is left of the interior will be used as retail space in the future.

At the time of publication (22 August), it has not yet been made known when a building firm will step on to the site and start work on the proposed flats on the land.

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