Yobs climb partly-demolished cinema and allegedly hurl stones at cars and passers-by

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 August 2021

A GROUP of yobs were spotted at the back of the former Regent building next to Iceland, climbing part of the exposed brickwork and allegedly hurling stones at users of the Iceland car park on Lancaster Road this afternoon (9 August).

Corner photo (Becky Allen) / Regent Building (Google Street View)

The group, consisting of about five to six teens, were caught on camera causing the commotion at around 1.30pm, according to the person who shared the video on Spotted Hinckley.

They hid behind the demolition fences which cover the rear of the partly-demolished Regent building on Lancaster Road.

One of the members who scaled the exposed brickwork of the former cinema was even caught in the act on video.

One of the members climbing the building (Supplied: Becky Allen)

Most of the group members escaped out by lifting up the fence and heading out at the same time, but the last teen, who still remained behind it, managed to get himself stuck so he had to wrestle with the fence to escape.

The Regent was previously used as a bingo hall, theatre, cinema and bar.

A video has surfaced on community forum sharing page, Spotted Hinckley, at 2:24pm, which has been viewed 10,000 times with 111 shares at the time of publication.

Leicestershire Police had not received a report of the incident when it had taken place, but their Hinckley officers have since been made aware.

Officers are urging anyone with information to make a report by calling the non-emergency Police number of 101.

Alternatively, a report can be made through their official website, linked here.

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