Bosworth MP warns of new hotel quarantine scam – and it almost cost one victim £2,000

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 July 2021

BOSWORTH MP Dr. Luke Evans has warned of the dangers of a new ‘quarantine hotel’ scam after a constituent almost lost a total of £2,000.

Luke was made aware of the scam when a constituent approached him for help, stating that their partner, who they met online, was allegedly ‘stuck’ in hotel quarantine in London after leaving the USA to ‘start a new life’ in the UK.

Unable to pay the £2,000 total, the constituent was under the belief that their partner was being ‘kept against their will’ in the hotel as they were ‘in need’ of the money, which is when Dr. Luke was approached for help.

Those working on the case suspected that the story was suspicious as the United States is currently on the ‘amber list’, which meant that the constituent’s partner could have spent 10 days in quarantine at their house instead of inside of a hotel.

The constituent said that they were only communicating with the partner through an online chat service.

It was later established they had sadly fallen victim to a new scam – and the ‘partner’ was not who they said they were online.

The matter has since been reported to Leicestershire Police, and now Dr. Luke wants to ensure nobody else falls victim to the scam, or any other types of fraud.

Dr. Luke Evans, said: “Unfortunately during the pandemic fraudulent online activity has risen, with UK police forces reporting that £34.5 million has been stolen in over 6000 Covid-19 specific scams since March 2020.

“We should all be mindful that those online are not necessarily who they say they are, and everyone is at risk from being a victim of fraud, whether they are shopping, banking or dating online.

“Fraudulent activity is becoming increasingly sophisticated, and it is important that we all remain vigilant. The constituent in this case came close to losing a sizeable amount of money, and I am glad we were able to prevent that from happening.”

When Evans met with representatives from commercial bank TSB, he learnt that 50 per cent of scams and frauds were directly involved to social media.

He has since made the Justice Minister, Robert Buckland, aware of the issue, who has stated that he ‘recognises that the Government need to do more’ to combat it.

Suspicious activity and incidents can be reported through Action Fraud’s official website, linked here, or alternatively by calling 0300 123 2040.

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