Leicestershire landmark Croft Hill now a ‘BBQ-free’ zone

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 29 June 2021

AGGREGATE INDUSTRIES, who are the land owners of Croft Hill, have put measures in place to prevent visitors from using disposable barbecues on-site.

Croft Hill (Andrew Davies / Twitter)

The land owners have recently installed “No BBQ” signs across the land and now, they are now seeking out a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) from the local council.

This comes after local visitor, Andrew Davies, had paid a visit to the Hill and noticed that two disposable barbecues had been dumped atop the landmark.

He had taken to Twitter nine days’ ago (20 June), to inform The Free Press and Croft Parish Council of the incident, with photographs.

Previously discarded BBQs left at the site days ago (Andrew Davies / Twitter)

Mr. Davies expressed his displeasure in the barbecues being left on-site. He said: “Someone had a nice barby [sic] on Croft Hill. Would have been nice to take the rubbish home though.”

A spokesperson for Aggregate Industries explained that they are aware that site was being used for barbecues, and that they are now putting a stop to this by putting up signage and aiming to get a PSPO.

They said: “Aggregate Industries is aware of the remains of disposable barbecues being left besides public walking areas of our Croft site.

“Croft Hill is an important landmark and is recognised as both an Ecological SSSI and Geological SSSI.

“Aggregate Industries provides access to the Hill for use by local residents to walk; the majority of those who utilise these paths do so respectfully.

“However, Aggregate Industries does not permit or condone the use of barbecues at Croft Hill and is very disappointed that the area is being littered as a result.

“Aggregate Industries has therefore contacted the Local District Council to determine if Croft Hill qualifies for a Public Space Protection Order and will be erecting signs advising against the use of barbecues in the area.”

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