Re-scheduled opening date for Building Society’s new Nuneaton branch

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 28 June 2021

BOSSES at Coventry Building Society have chosen a new opening date for their “new-look” Nuneaton town centre branch on Queens Road.

(Vaughan Moore / HFP)

As the Free Press published in good faith last week, Coventry Building Society had originally planned to close their Abbey Street branch on 19 June, so they could re-locate into their brand new and bigger space on 25 June, but this did not go ahead.

The reason for the doors to the new location not opening on Friday like originally scheduled was because the opening date had been quietly re-scheduled ‘behind the scenes’.

It will now open in three weeks’ time on 20 July, as officially confirmed by a Coventry Building Society spokesperson.

It will be bigger and better, sporting meeting rooms, service hubs, and a community heart area, with cash machines inside and outside.

As a result, their older and smaller Abbey Street location will stay open longer than originally planned, but it will permanently close for good on 10 July.

Chris Caren, Nuneaton Branch Manager at Coventry Building Society, said: “We can’t wait to show everyone our new-look branch when it opens on Tuesday 20 July.

“The whole team is excited for the move which will help us better meet the needs of our members and the Nuneaton community.

“We’ve written to all of our members in the area to let them know about the opening.”

Matt Mannings, Head of Branch Network at Coventry Building Society, said: “The new location is in the heart of the town and, while it’s only a minute’s walk from the old branch, it will be more convenient for people to visit while out and about in Nuneaton.”

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