Vandals hit Hollycroft Park’s Art-Deco style bandstand

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 20 June 2021

AN ART-DECO style bandstand in Hinckley’s Hollycroft Park has been struck with a spot of vandalism.

The Bandstand (Supplied: Laura J. Lee / Wikimedia / CC Share-A-Like 4.0 International)

And now, the Borough Council are calling on residents to see if they are able to help, by reporting any information to them directly.

The bandstand dates back to the 1920s, is set with a beech-lined tiered amphitheatre, and had underwent a ‘large’ refurbishment prior to the recent strike of vandalism.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council have not yet revealed when the vandalism took place, but they made it public knowledge that the incident occurred in a Facebook shared just two days’ ago (18 June).

The downpipes on the feature have been broken, causing the roof to leak which has subsequently caused interior damage inside.

As the vandals touched the anti-climb paint when they climbed on to the feature, anti-climb paint handprints and ink splodges have ruined the newly-painted walls, doors, and original brick work.

The refurbishment works had taken place so that the park would be ready for the return of entertainment and public concerts.

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(Supplied: HBBC / Facebook)
(Supplied: HBBC / Facebook)
(Supplied: HBBC / Facebook)

How to report any information

Anybody with any information on the damage is being asked to come forward and report it to the Borough Council on their website, linked here, or by calling 01455 238141.

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