28 CCTV cameras watching over town centre as three more installed this week

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 10 June 2021

THREE new high definition CCTV cameras have been put up in Hinckley town centre this week.

And now, as a result, the total number of Council-monitored CCTV cameras overlooking Hinckley’s high street in ‘high definition’ has risen from 25 to 28.

Borough Council bosses hope that the new cameras will help deter criminal activity, provide assistance to the emergency services, and make the town centre a ‘safer and securer’ environment for town-goers.

Whilst last month’s crime figures were unavailable at the time of publication (10 June), data for the Town Centre on the Police’s Crime Map shown that 14 crimes were committed in April, three less than the 17 in March.

A statement was issued yesterday (9 June) on the Council’s official Facebook page regarding the installation of the new cameras.

It reads: “We’ve just installed some new CCTV cameras across the town. In total there are now 28 high definition cameras covering the town centre.

“Our aim with these measures in place is to deter crime; provide assistance to the emergency services and help secure a safer environment for the people who live, work, visit and trade in the areas covered.”

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