World famous Flying Scotsman spotted in Nuneaton

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 18 May 2021

A WORLD FAMOUS steam locomotive has passed through Nuneaton Station.

Pictured: The Scotsman in Nuneaton (Supplied: Brad Moore / HFP)

Today (18 May), trainspotters and commuters alike were able to catch a glimpse of the Scotsman, which has been dubbed ‘the world’s most famous steam locomotive’.

In a rather rare sight for the Station, the iconic 1923-built Flying Scotsman flew through Nuneaton railway station on Platform 5 at 3.33pm.

It was shortly followed by a Class 66 DB Cargo UK, which came a few seconds after.

It passed through tracks at Nuneaton as it is running from Carnforth in Lancashire all the way down to London.

The Free Press managed to catch it in action on video.

Real Time Trains, an independent provider of train times and a reliable source amongst spotters, added the information about the steam train sighting to their timetable this morning.

Avid young trainspotter, Lucas Powell, witnessed the steam pass for the first time today.

He said: “This was my first time spotting The Scotsman. I thought it was very good. I have also seen many other steams before.”

Lucas’ father explained: “We’re into road [locomotives] steams in a big way.

“I’m a member of Nuneaton Steam Club. They’re the ones who gave me the heads up that the steam was passing through. I have many sources when it comes to steam.”

History of the Scotsman

The steam loco was retired by British Rail in 1963, but it makes occasional visits to towns through railway stations in the modern day.

From 1969 to 1973, it toured extensively internationally, visiting the United States, Canada and Australia.

In 1989, it successfully won the world record for a non-stop run on a steam locomotive, where it made a 442 mile trip.

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