Nostalgia group donate Skating Rink memorabilia to District Museum

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 17 May 2021

REPRESENTATIVES from a local nostalgia group have handed over memorabilia from Hinckley’s long-gone Olympia Skating Rink to the town’s District Museum.

Phillip Lindley receives the memorabilia from Paul Gardner, Mike Phillpott and John Denny (HDPP) (Supplied)

As noted on Hinckley and District Past and Present’s Facebook group over the past couple of weeks, the group have been using funds raised from their Local Good Causes cash pot to secure interesting items of local heritage for the town.

One of the most recent acquisitions made by the group include a grand total of 17 items which were listed on digital auction site, eBay, relating to the former Olympia Skating Rink, which was fire-damaged and burnt down in 1931.

Local man John Denny made the group aware that the items were up for sale when he found out that they were listed on the site.

Hinckley and District Past and Present successfully purchased all 17 items through eBay.

On Saturday evening (14 May), the items were handed over to District Museum members in the Museum Garden with Covid-19 guidelines being adhered to.

The items are ‘very’ rare as the building only operated as a skate rink for approximately three years – it was built and opened in 1910 and closed by 1912.

The rink was described as having one of the best floors in the Midlands.

From 1912 to 1930 it operated as a shoe and hosiery factory, before reverting back to its use as a skating rink.

It was sadly totally destroyed just a year later in 1931.

Paul Gardner, Group Founder of Hinckley District Past and Present, stated that he was ‘amazed’ at the group response when it was suggested they try and secure the rare items.

Two of the posters are ‘superb’ examples of the poster art at the time – prints of these posters are being sold in Jaspers of Hinckley at £10 each, or 2 for £17, with all proceeds going to the Local Good Causes and Heritage funds.

Phillip Lindley, of the Hinckley and District Museum, said that he was ‘delighted’ with the local history group’s kind generosity.

Phillip hopes that the items will be placed on display in the Museum for all visitors to see later on in the Museum season.

The Museum will be open starting Saturday 22May and every Saturday for the foreseeable future until October.

No plans are yet in place to open on Sundays.

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