Roadworks taking place on two roads in Higham on the Hill

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 10 May 2021

ROADWORKS have started on two roads in Higham on the Hill.

(Supplied: Pixabay)

They have started this morning (15 May) and will take finish in two days’ time (12 May).

Permission for the works to go ahead was granted by Leicestershire County Council.

The first road to be affected is Wood Lane, heading into the village straight from the major and busy A5 road.

Coventry-based water provider, Severn Trent Water, are carrying out water repair works on the road, which means that it has to be completely closed off for two days.

Wood Lane is set to publicly re-open to drivers once again at 4pm on 12 May.

The second set of roadworks are on Barr Street, as drivers come into the village from Hinckley Lane and Stoke Lane.

Luckily for those passing through Barr Street, the road is not closed fully, and a traffic control system is in place, made up of multi-way signals and temporary traffic lights.

Further information can be found here on the Streetworks map, by inputting the works reference code – GQ550HMS829134.

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