Local Beat Teams seize ‘large amount’ of cannabis preventing Earl Shilton grow

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 20 April 2021

TWO LEICESTERSHIRE Beat Teams have worked together in executing a warrant and seizing a large amount of cannabis from a property in Earl Shilton.

The seized bags of cannabis (Supplied: Hinckley Police)

Just two days ago on Sunday (18 April), officers from the Barwell and Earl Shilton Beat Teams prevented a cannabis grow from taking place in an Earl Shilton property, which was ‘on the verge’ of being ‘very professional’.

The officers said they had got to the property ‘just in the nick of time’ and stressed that the grow could have ‘caused even more disruption in and around the area’ if it had happened.

Braunstone’s Neighbourhood Priority Team gave the officers a helping hand in stopping the grow from going ahead and helped enable a positive outcome as well as a quality team effort.

The officers were able to act upon the warrant and managed to get a very positive outcome.

The offender responsible for the potential grow has been dealt with and brought to justice.

Officers from the force have taken to the official Facebook page for Hinckley Police urging residents to get in touch if they have any concerns about drug use in their local areas.

They have asked residents to come forward with their concerns over drug use, as the intel from the public is a ‘massive’ factor in getting warrants through the courts and authorised by local forces to take action.

Their social media statement reads: “If you have concerns about anything like this effecting you and your community, contact us and make us aware.

“The intel passed to us from the general public is a massive factor in getting these warrants through the courts and authorised for your local team to take action.”

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