Teens who tried to outrun officers at Hinckley railway station given community resolution order

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 8 April 2021

A GROUP of young troublesome teenagers who tried to escape from on-beat Burbage bobbies with a bag of booze have been made to do community work.

The group of teens who had formed along the footpath parallel to the train lines near Hinckley train station were spotted just days ago on 4 April by the Burbage Beat Team.

They were caught running off as soon as the Police had spotted them.

The team of teens decided to dash as soon as they spotted the officers, but unfortunately for all involved, their attempted escape run was quickly cut short after their bag had split and alcohol had spilt across the floor.

Trespassing on train lines

One member had made the dangerous decision to trespass across the train tracks by darting over them, instead of using the ramp provided at the railway station.

Details taken

Members of the group were caught by the officers, had their details taken, and were taken home to their parents.

Community resolution order dished out

As a result of their actions, officers used an order named the ‘community resolution order’ so that they would they be taught a lesson and ‘give something back to the community’.

The group members carried out the community work just a day later (5 April), by litter picking across the footpath that runs alongside the train line and they further collected litter just off Bridge Road in Burbage near the Station.

All group members involved had managed to fill up a total of two bin liners with litter that they had picked off the streets.

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