Police warn of new ‘Census’ scam text messages

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 6 April 2021

LEICESTERSHIRE POLICE have alerted local residents of scammers sending bogus text messages claiming that they have ‘made mistakes’ on Census forms, and that they may be ‘liable for a fine’ as a result.

The deceptive text message doing the rounds had first surfaced yesterday (5 April), and Police were quick to pass a warning on to Burbage Parish Council.

It claims that the recipient of the message has ‘made a mistake on the Census form’ whilst they were filling it out.

The scammer warns that the recipient could be ‘liable for a fine’ and links them to a faked, fraudulent copy of the Census website where they are asked to ‘review their information’.

The con artists have set up the site to mirror the official Census website and even ask recipients to submit their banking details in order to submit a fee, so that they don’t get slapped with a fine.

Leicestershire Police were made aware of this after one cautious recipient was wary and dubious of the website and claims in the message.

The Police are now warning residents not to respond to these messages in any way as they can be sent as both text messages or emails.

“At no point will you be asked for your national insurance number, passwords, bank account details, or your credit or debit card numbers, nor any payment”, explained a Leicestershire Police spokesperson in a statement.

The Census Contact Centre will not randomly contact residents, unless people have spoken to them first, in order to make an appointment, query, or complaint.

How to report

Suspicious text messages can simply be forwarded to 7726, whilst suspicious emails can be forwarded to report@phishing.gov.uk.

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