Youngsters caught breaking Covid ‘rule of six’ and damaging police car

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 2 April 2021

HINCKLEY POLICE had to deal with local Covid rule-breaking youngsters on Wednesday evening who had damaged a police vehicle and have been meeting in groups larger than six.

On Wednesday evening (31 March), at Clarendon Park near the Battling Brook area, officers broke up groups of Covid rule-breaking youngsters who were ‘far in excess’ of the group of six rule, who had used the wing mirror from a police car ‘as play equipment’.

Those breaching the ‘rule of six’ rule were being rude, challenging, and abusive to the officers.

Once the on-beat bobbies had dispersed the groups and were heading back to their police car, they had noticed that the wing mirror had been broken off their police car and that it had been used as ‘a piece of play area equipment’.

Their team of Crime Scene Investigators have managed to successfully recover fingerprints off the wing mirror and will now be dealing with those responsible.

As a result of the incident, Hinckley Police are now urging parents to check on their children’s whereabouts to make sure that they know where they are.

Taking to social media site Facebook, they asked parents to keep an eye on their children’s whereabouts and made it known that they would be the ones slapped with a fine as a result of their children’s Covid rule-breaking behaviour.

Their question to parents read: “We therefore ask you if you are a parent of someone aged 12 to 18, do you know where they are? Do you expect your child to behave like this? Do you want to pay a £200 fine as a result of their disrespect for the rules?”

They further added that lockdown in April could be a possibility ‘at this rate’, if rules are not being adhered to.

Their post continued: “This behaviour will not be tolerated.

“We have all been looking forward to meeting friends and family. With the behaviour we have seen tonight we will be back in lockdown by the end of April at this rate.”

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