Town pubs being asked to participate in ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 19 March 2021

A HINCKLEY Councillor is trying to get more pubs and bars in the town centre to take part in the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign, ready for when pubs and bars re-open, following the brutal and tragic murder of Sarah Everard.

‘Ask for Angela’ is the name of a scheme already being used in pubs and bars across in the UK, where visitors who feel unsafe on a date gone wrong are able to ask for ‘Angela’, a fictitious member of staff, where bar staff will be able to assist by escorting them to a different room, or hailing them a taxi to get away from the situation.

Two days ago (17 March), Councillor Michael Mullaney, Lib Dem representative for the De Montfort Ward, raised the idea of rolling out the scheme to more town centre bars with Hinckley’s Police Inspector and Head of Safety at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council.

He has revealed that the Borough Council are acting on his words and are getting set on having pubs enrolled in the scheme straight away.

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council will be placing phone calls to pubs regarding Covid-19 compliance for their re-openings, and whilst on the calls, they will further ask if they want to sign up to the scheme if they have not done so already.

Cllr. Mullaney’s suggestion follows a Twitter exchange from local CAMRA Treasurer for Hinckley and Bosworth, Darren J. Statham, who said he was ‘keen to get the scheme rolled out to more pubs across the borough’.

Statham explained he was keen to see the scheme rolled out locally, in response to a news story shared by Cllr. Ann Pendlebury, about men been seeking advice on how to make women feel safe, following the recent news of Sarah Everard’s murder.

Incoming local CAMRA Chairman comments

Darren J. Statham, Incoming Chairman for Hinckley and Bosworth CAMRA, said: “The recent events in the news & the horror stories being shared by women on social media is horrifying, shocking & appalling.

“The inappropriate behaviours and actions they are subjected to means that we live in a world where a lot of women feel they are unable to simply ‘go out’, without taking drastic measures to ensure their safety.

“Going to the pub should be a fun, relaxing, and safe experience for everyone.

“Rolling the ‘Ask Angela’ scheme out to more pubs will hopefully help more people, especially women, feel that bit safer in the knowledge that assistance is just one word away.

“I welcome the proactive approach that Cllr. Mullaney, and the team at Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council will be taking to encourage more pubs to sign up to the Ask Angela scheme.

“We are lucky in Hinckley & Bosworth to have a good number of well ran pubs – a great asset to our area – I’m sure they will be keen to get on board.

“We keep hearing phrases like “the new normal” – let’s move forward to a world where the new normal means we can all enjoy our Great British pubs when they finally allowed to reopen their doors.”

Councillor Mullaney comments

Councillor Michael Mullaney believes that the scheme will help women seek reassurance post-lockdown, and hopes that ‘as many pubs as possible’ will partake in the scheme.

He said: “Many people particularly women are concerned for their safety at the moment. The Ask for Angela scheme is a way in which people who are worried for their safety can seek reassurance and a number of pubs locally have followed the scheme in the past.

“When the pubs reopen as Covid-19 restrictions are lifted I hope as many pubs as possible locally are able to support the scheme and offer people reassurance.”

Cllr. Ann Pendlebury comments

Like Cllr. Mullaney and Incoming CAMRA Chairman, Darren Statham, Cllr. Ann Pendlebury has encouraged pubs to enroll.

Cllr. Pendlebury said: “[I’m] really pleased to see that Cllr. Michael Mullaney with the support of [current] local CAMRA chair Darren Statham, are encouraging local pubs and outlets to enrol with the ‘Ask for Angela’ Scheme.

“It is wonderful to see the forethought and co-operation between councillors and local groups working hard with officers to ensure that as many places as possible are enrolled in this excellent scheme prior to the long awaited reopening which I am sure we are all looking forward to.

“As the death of Sarah Everard has highlighted the risks that can be faced late at night, I would encourage all local pubs and bars to enrol in this scheme that will potentially help those we care about.”

Currently participating pubs

The scheme will be re-visited when pubs are re-opened publicly.

At the time of publication (18 March), the following pubs and bars have enrolled on to the scheme:


– The Union Inn (Stockwell Head)

– Black Horse (Upper Bond Street)

– Ashby Tavern (Ashby Road)

– Kase Hotel (Regent Street)

– Steamin’ Billy Railway (Station Road)

– White Bear (Coventry Road)


– The Blue Bell Inn (High Street)


– The Red Lion (Windsor Street)

 – Sketchley Grange (Sketchley Lane)

Earl Shilton

– Travellers Inn (Wood Street)

Click here to see more participating pubs throughout Leicestershire and the surrounding areas.

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