New scam surfacing by fraudsters posing as Royal Mail – how to tackle it

Vaughan Moore and Mason Moore | 16 March 2021

A NEW scam has started to surface to e-mail inboxes and text messages, with fraudsters claiming that they are working from British postal service courier, Royal Mail.

The scam sees scammers send a fake phone number to the recipient via text, claiming that they are ‘Royal Mail’ themselves and that they have a parcel at the depot, which ‘will only be returned’ if the sender sends over a paid fee to a suspicious spam link which is included in the text message.

The same spam message has hit e-mail inboxes under the exact same format.

The scammers have tried to clone the ‘Royal Mail’ website link with a look-a-like website link to try and easily fool recipients.

How to tackle the scam

Never click suspicious links that are sent to you.

If you spot this message make its way into your inbox, or get sent as a text message, block the number and report it online to make more people aware of the scam who are also searching the same phone number.

Any suspicious text messages that have been sent to you can be forwarded to 7726 – you will not be charged for using the service to report spam, and you will be thanked with an automated message for doing so, to confirm it has gone through.

Phishing and suspicious emails can be reported and forwarded to the Government by simply forwarding them to

In addition to reporting to 7726, Action Fraud can be notified of any phishing attempts through their website on the Police website, linked here.

Your parcel’s whereabouts can officially be tracked through Royal Mail’s ‘Tracking’ portal on their website, with your Royal Mail-assigned tracking number.

You never have to pay a fee to protect parcels from being returned to the sender.

If you have any general queries regarding your parcels or sending through Royal Mail, they can be contacted through their verified Twitter account, @RoyalMailHelp, which is monitored from 8pm to 6pm on Mondays to Fridays.

The delivery service have a list showing all of the different scams currently doing the rounds by scammers using their brand name, which can be viewed here.

Speaking to our Nuneaton Reporter, Vaughan Moore, who received the message, a spokesperson for Royal Mail on Twitter, said: “This isn’t something that’s been sent by us. Please don’t click on any URL’s [sic] in the message.”

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