Mixed local reactions over Sunak’s Budget 2021 plans

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 4 March 2021

REACTIONS to Rishi Sunak’s ‘Budget 2021’ plans have been mixed and divided locally, with Bosworth’s Member of Parliament fully backing the Budget, whilst two local Councillors have raised serious concerns over the plans made from the Chamber of Commons.

Dr. Luke Evans, Tory Member of Parliament for the Bosworth constituency, which also covers Hinckley and Burbage, has welcomed Rishi Sunak’s ‘Budget 2021’ plans.

Yesterday (3 March), The Chancellor of the Exchequer stood in The Chamber of Commons to deliver the announcement for his Budget, where Bosworth’s Luke Evans shown his support for Chancellor Sunak’s plans.

On the same day, Chancellor Sunak confirmed that the neighbouring town of Nuneaton will have £13.2 million poured into their town funds to ‘transform’ their town centre.

Rishi Sunak further revealed that he has green-lit plans for the East Midlands Freeport, which will see an additional 60,000 jobs created in the region.

In a statement issued, Evans explained that he believes that Rishi Sunak’s plans ‘have provided for millions up and down the country, especially in Hinckley and Bosworth’ and that he is ‘absolutely delighted’ by the Budget.

Dr. Luke’s full statement

Pictured: Dr. Luke Evans (Supplied: GOV.UK)

Dr. Luke Evans, said: “As we move on from some of our darkest times Rishi provided hope for millions of ordinary people up and down the country, and particularly here in Hinckley and Bosworth.

“Rishi reassured us that the safety net he put in place to protect us through COVID-19 is still there.

“Furlough and increased Universal Credit will continue until we are out of lockdown, as will cuts to stamp duty, business rates and VAT. Fuel and beer duty has been frozen, and the planned increase stopped.

“In addition, there will be extended help for the self-employed and £5 billion’s worth of restart grants for businesses to help businesses get back on their feet as the open from the pandemic.

“But he also announced how he plans to start recouping money that as a country we have borrowed throughout the crisis.

“It’s right that businesses who have profited will be expected to pay more tax on those profits. It’s really exciting that to encourage growth businesses who choose to invest will be able to apply a super deduction to their taxes. Today’s announcement will herald the start of a golden era for our economy.

“Most of all though I am absolutely delighted to hear the Chancellor has approved the East Midlands Freeport, which will bring an additional 60,000 skilled jobs in the green economy to our region.

“I was proud to campaign for it and couldn’t be happier to hear this massive economic boost will be happening right here in the East Midlands.”

Meanwhile, opinions on the plans remain divided amongst others in the borough, with two Liberal Democrat Councillors from Hinckley and Barwell sharing two rather contrasting opinions to the Bosworth MP.

De Montfort Ward Councillor comments

Michael Mullaney (LDEM), for Hinckley’s De Montfort Ward, said: “Nationally, three million people have been excluded from government support schemes, including thousands here in Hinckley & Bosworth, mostly self-employed people.

“Sadly there was not much in the budget to help the excluded – a very disappointing budget from the perspective of families too.

“The Chancellor has failed to extend free school meals permanently to ensure no child living in poverty goes hungry.

“He’s failed to give nurseries and early years providers any certainty and he’s failed to deliver much-needed extra funding for schools to help meet the additional costs of being open safely during the pandemic.”

Barwell Parish Councillor Comments

Mathew Hulbert (LDEM), Parish Councillor for Barwell’s Redhall Ward, said: “This was a wasted opportunity. The Chancellor could have made sure that we Build Back Better and ensure everyone, regardless of background or present circumstance, can live with the dignity every human being deserves.

“One way to have done that would have been to introduce a Universal Basic Income or, at the very least, to have started some UBI pilots which could have later been rolled out nationwide.

“He failed to do anywhere near enough for small businesses, the bedrock of our economy. As a campaigner for youth services, I had hoped that the government might also have finally delivered on its manifesto pledge to properly re-invest in the youth service but, again, nothing.

“Perhaps most shamefully, Mr Sunak failed to reverse the Tories disgraceful decision to abandon the 0.7% of UK GDP going to Developing World aid; a Lib Dem achievement in government.

“Thousands, if not millions, of some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people will likely die as a result of those Tory cuts.

“We Lib Dems will continue to champion our local small businesses, continue to call for a Basic Income and investment in the youth service, and a return to that aid pledge.

“The choice, this May, is between Tories who cut public services back to the bone and Lib Dems who invest in frontline services and in our communities.”

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