Nuneaton Museum appealing for Covid-related items for future generations

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 24 February 2021

NUNEATON’S MUSEUM and Art Gallery, located in Riversley Park, are appealing to borough residents to help them by adding more objects to their collection which reflect the coronavirus pandemic.

(Supplied: Mason Moore / Unsplash)

The team at the Riversley Park-based Museum are building up a collection of objects related to the coronavirus pandemic, to help future generations to understand what the time was like, and the experiences that local people had.

A few of the items that they are seeking after in order to build their collection may include items related to work or home life, like face masks, empty hand gel bottles, or social distancing signs.

As well as personal protective equipment, they are looking for objects related to coronavirus testing and newly-found lockdown hobbies, like items associated with baking, cooking, gardening, reading, or DIY projects.

The Museum are looking for modern-day media outlets like books, magazines, letters, leaflets, diaries, scrapbooks, and magazines, which contains a mention of the pandemic.

Further items on their list include:

  • Invitations for Covid-cancelled events, like birthdays, or weddings
  • Objects from socially-distanced events, like VE Day parties
  • Home-schooling items, like workbooks, pictures, and timetables

Councillor Ian Lloyd, Portfolio Holder for Arts and Leisure for Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, said: “We hope that people will be able to submit items, objects and articles reflecting what they did and endured during the pandemic.

“Some objects might be very obviously about the pandemic like a community leaflet offering support to people who are self-isolating during lockdown.

“You might also have an object that appears very ordinary, but is significant because of its connection to the pandemic, such as used seed packet if lockdown provided you with time to do your first ever bit of gardening.’’

If you have any objects related to the pandemic that you would consider donating to the Museum, you are able to send them an email regarding this, by emailing

Once the current lockdown ends, they will no longer physically be able to accept any further objects.

Once the lockdown comes to an end, the Museum’s team members can arrange for people to bring their objects to the building safely at a convenient date and time that has been agreed when the building is closed to the public.

All interaction will be socially-distanced and carried out in the reception area, and all employees will have to wear face masks.

Hand gel will be available, and paperwork that has been signed will then be quarantined.

The object will be placed in quarantine after the donor’s visit.

To read about items that have already been donated, visit the links here, and here.

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