Five-year-old from Burbage fundraising in tribute to Captain Tom aiming to complete 100 laps of local park

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 23 February 2021

A FUNDRAISING five-year-old from Burbage has decided to pay his respects and tributes to Captain Sir Tom Moore, by setting himself the challenge of completing 100 laps of his local park, with all proceeds being donated to the Captain Tom Moore Foundation.

(Supplied: Facebook)

Christopher Wormald, aged five, set himself the goal of completing 100 laps of The Hinckley Road Recreational Ground, after hearing the saddening and unfortunate news of Captain Tom’s passing at the start of February.

At the time of publication (23 February), Christopher has already completed an impressive number of 74 laps out of his goal total of 100, around the park in just three weeks.

His mother, Louise, explained in a Facebook post that he had read up on the war veteran Captain Tom, and his fundraising efforts, after he had received a book from his auntie and uncle last Christmas (2020).

Speaking to The Hinckley Free Press about her Christopher’s fundraising efforts, mum Louise Wormald, said: “When we heard the sad news about Captain Tom, we felt it was only right that we told Christopher what had happened as he had enjoyed reading the book about him that he was given at Christmas from his Auntie and Uncle.

“Christopher was impressed with what Captain Tom had achieved with his walking and how much money he had raised for the NHS.

“When we told Christopher about Captain Tom passing away he instantly said that he wanted to complete 100 laps around our local park just like Captain Tom did.

“We were amazed by Christopher’s thoughtful idea and agreed it would be a great way of passing the time during the lockdown.

“I decided to set up a Just Giving page to spur him on so that a few friends and family could donate towards the Captain Tom Foundation and we created a star chart for Christopher so he could check his progress each day.”

A Just Giving donation page has been launched to support Christopher’s challenge, with all profits going towards the Captain Tom Moore Foundation.

Generous donors surpass target goal

67 generous supporters have donated to the cause and helped the young fundraiser smash his original target goal of £100, as he has now hit £842.

The family have been ‘completely overwhelmed’ by the generosity shown in donations from family, friends, and strangers.

Louise further explained: “We only expected to raise £100, but to raise over £800 is staggering!

“We’re so proud of what he’s managed to achieve in such a short space of time.

“It just goes to show that even during the toughest of times people can show their kindness and support.

“I’m so proud that Christopher has made so many people smile even when we can’t see them physically. Thank you to everyone who has kindly donated to this fantastic cause.”

A link to donate to Christopher’s JustGiving page can be found here.

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