Fly-tipper fined £400 for leaving waste next to Tesco’s recycling bins

Mason Moore  | Hinckley Reporter | 20 February 2021

A FLY-TIPPER has been slapped with a £400 fine by the Borough Council for fly-tipping in the Tesco Superstore car park, after some of the items they had dumped were identifiable to their property in Burbage, which helped Council officers track down their address.

(Google Street View) / (HBBC)

The fly-tipper, from Burbage, had illegally disposed and discarded of their unwanted items by dumping them next to the recycling bins at Tesco’s privately-owned Superstore car park on Hawley Road, opposite Hinckley Railway Station.

Whilst the car park is not owned by the Council and is privately monitored by Tesco, they still felt obliged to investigate further into the matter to see who was responsible for the mess.

Pictured: The mess on-site (Supplied: HBBC)

The individual responsible for the mess has since paid the fixed penalty notice which they were issued.

The nearest tip to Hinckley is the Barwell Tip in Barwell on Stapleton Lane, who are open to the public needing to use the facility, with ‘pre-booked visits’ – visits which must be booked before attending.

Residents are being urged to go dispose of rubbish the proper way, by visiting local recycling centres or tips, or even using their bulky or special collection service.

Further information on the Council’s nearby recycling facilities and collection services can be found here.

If you spot anybody fly-tipping, or traces of any fly-tipped mess in the borough, it should be reported to the Borough Council online, which can be done so here.

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