War memorial wall in Argents Mead hit by weather damage

Mason Moore | Hinckley Reporter | 9 February 2021

WEATHER DAMAGE has caused lettering to fall off a Grade-listed Hinckley war memorial wall in the Argents Mead park.

Argents Mead park (Mason Moore), War Memorial notice (HBBC)

The bad weather which has recently hit Hinckley has seen the War Memorial Wall atop the hill of the Argents Mead park damaged.

The Grade II* listed remembrance plaque, which received its Grade listing back in August 1989, would usually read: “The names of those who gave their lives in the great war.”

However, as visible below in the attached photograph, approximately eleven letters in total are now missing off the wall, meaning the sentence is incomplete.

A notice signposted on a nearby post (HBBC)

Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council, who maintain the park, are responsible for the monument – they publicly spoke out about the damage last Friday (5 February), on social media.

A spokesperson for the Borough Council issued the following statement on their Facebook page: “We are aware that the War Memorial in Argents Mead requires some minor maintenance, this is due to weather damage.

“The work will be carried out very shortly. Thanks for everyone’s enquiries and concern.”

Four days after the statement was issued, The Hinckley Free Press contacted the Council (8 February), to follow up, to see if any works had started, but they sadly had not at the time of publication (9 February).

This is because the Wall is a Grade II* listed plaque, it is specially protected because it is of ‘special or historic architectural interest’.

As a result, it may take a little longer than for works to be carried out than it usually would for a non-listed building or monument, but the Council are trying to get the memorial repaired.

The monument proves to be a popular place with those in the area, as many residents and town-goers still go and regularly visit to pay their respects to the fallen.

The wall received its Grade II* listed status back on 10 August 1989.

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